Fromm vs. Fields – Who will lead the Bulldogs in 2018?

IMG_4010By: Emily Snyder
Hickory High School

Fromm or Fields?  That’s the question on the minds of every UGA football fan eager for another shot at the national title.  

“The key is to continue to recruit the highest level athletes and attract them to the University of Georgia,” said Claude Felton, sports communication director for the University of Georgia.  “Continuing to build the enthusiasm and passion that everyone saw in the fan base this year will also positively affect and benefit the program.”

In 2017, true freshman Jake Fromm began his career at The University of Georgia as the backup quarterback for Jacob Eason.  However, Eason was injured in the first game of the season, giving Fromm the opportunity to take the helm. He succeeded, taking the Bulldogs to their first national championship game since 1980. Although Eason has since transferred to the University of Washington, a quarterback controversy is emerging in Athens as Georgia landed the nation’s top recruit, freshman quarterback Justin Fields.  

“The competition itself is what will make them better,” Felton said. “That’s what competition does, the better people you’re competing against, the better you’re going to get.”  

Felton explains how differences between the two quarterbacks will create a sense of competition, leading to growth for both players.  With this competition, each player will exhibit their best performance at all times, and develop challenges for each other to overcome.  Although Fromm and Fields play the same position, these challenges will strengthen both players and allow them to see different perspectives.  

One of the many challenges that will come along with having two quarterbacks is “like any position, two can’t play at the same time, so for the coaches, determining what that balance may be and how each game fleshes out will be a contributing factor” he said.  

Felton elaborates on the idea that whoever performs the best, should play the most and that the player who starts should not be solely based on experience. For example, Jake Fromm carried the Bulldogs to the national championship last year; however, if Justin Fields has more potential and can bring new, unseen skills to the team, he should be valued in the same way as Fromm.  

Despite the position, Felton says coaches will commit to “the player that gives the team the best chance to win.” However, Fromm’s experience and success in taking the Bulldogs to the national championship game has helped fans make up their mind.

UGA alum and Georgia fan Joe Dennis, said, “Hands down, Jake Fromm should be starting quarterback because he took the team to the national championship and has done nothing to be punished.”  

Understandably, most Bulldog fans feel the same because they have seen Fromm’s dedication to the team and his ability to carry the team to success.

As Felton said, “competition will make them both better.” The only thing left for Bulldog fans to do, is wait to see who comes onto the field for the season opener Sept. 1 against Austin Peay State University.

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