Clothes from the past: Thrifting is changing the fashion industry

Dynamite in downtown Athens is stocked with vintage gear.

by Livi Lesch
Wando High School

Vintage and thrifting, two words that may explain how the fashion industry is circulating back to the new, unique styles of the past.

“I thrift because not only can I find a unique piece that I am guaranteed to not see on someone else, but also it’s just going to be my own piece,” Spanish River Community High School senior, Ava Butera said. “Also I don’t support fast fashion brands.”

Five dollars and a pair of scissors is the new fashion trend. Thrifting offers people an alternative to fast fashion, as well as an outlet for their individuality. Fast fashion is how big businesses such as Forever 21 and H&M produce new clothes so quickly but, the cheap products are at the cost of human rights in underdeveloped Asian countries. People can demonstrate their intolerance of fast fashion through thrifting. Thrifting has also served as another route to wear trendy and less expensive clothing. Thrifting is also an opportunity for people to express their creativity because it has become popular to cut or stitch old clothes to make it seem like a totally new garment.

“The quality of clothes these days has generally decreased and sometimes that stuff from the 80s and 90s is better quality — especially shoes and handbags,” Cameron Teeer, an employee at the thrift store Dynamite, said.

Thrifting is not only trending because fast fashion is used with cheap fabrics but also because styles from the 80s and 90s are becoming popular again.

“Anyone can go thrifting, if you’re going for a certain look such as 80s, you’ll probably find a windbreaker, if you really wanna be 70s you’ll probably find something suede, thrifting is just a fun experience,” Butera said.

Thrifting offers shoppers the opportunity to purchase cheaper, more durable clothes. This is especially convenient for college students, who Teeer said spend a lot of their time in the store rummaging through the $5bins.
“Its kinda a treasure hunt. Finding that one great piece in a thrift store for three bucks is so exciting,” Teeer said.

Thrifting outings are not always successful because it may be difficult to find specific items. However, shoppers typically feel more satisfied when they find a unique garment while thrifting

“It takes a lot of work. It’s really hard,” Clarke Central High School senior, Mackenzie Caudill said. “You have to deep search but that’s what makes it fun- looking through all the clothes, then once you find something good it’s just rewarding.”


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